allgeek was founded in November of 2010 by James Lenhart and has moved forward since it’s launch. We feel that most geeks consume content via the web; so we’ve tried hard to bring you content in the form of podcasts, articles, and even a video from time to time. While some of our set backs are a result of not having much of a budget we still feel we bring quality content that geeks will love. Your feedback is what drives us the most and without you we wouldn’t even be here right now. Our team may be small, but our vision is big. Keep checking back for more exciting geek news.

08.04.2011 – gets official and files the paper work to form allGeek Media LLC. We’re also looking forward to CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Our press badges have been approved, so now all we need is the money for air & hotel (who needs to eat).

James Lenhart
President | Associate Editor | Host for allGeek Every Week

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Christopher West
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Christopher Weaver
Associate Editor | Co-Host for allGeek Every Week

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Oleg Nazarov
Industry Analyst | Associate Editor

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Edmond Durana
Tech Reporter

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Joel Dalmas
Graphic Designer | Photographer | Art Director | Tech Reporter

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Timothy Hunt
Tech Reporter | Assistant Photographer

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