Valve’s Steam Box Plans To Expand The Universe
By James Lenhart

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 11.46.16 AM

Only one more day of waiting to see what tricks Valve has up their sleeve with a product rumored to be titled the Steam Box. The company has a countdown page with just over 24 hours left on the clock (at the time of writing this). Below the countdown there is mention of Steam in the living-room. The box is said to run linux and will support limited games from the Steam library. However, no details have been given about launch titles or pricing at this time.

Head back tomorrow when we will have the full scoop and all the juicy details you are looking for.

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  • Chris West

    Yea supposedly it’s 3 big announcements. I didn’t think Valve could count to three…

    • James Lenhart

      Maybe thats why there are three circles under the tv?

  • James Lenhart

    Maybe its a robot cat?