Prediction: Apple’s New iPhone 5C Will Succeed In A New Market
By James Lenhart


The new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S from Apple will tell you a lot about the company’s future and position in the mobile market. For the first time in history, Apple will release the same phone in China as in the U.S. on the same day. There are 700 million phone users in China alone, which funny enough, equates to the total of iPhones sold currently. Phones in China aren’t cheap, and Apple has had a difficult time getting Chinese consumers to buy their products at such a premium. The iPhone 5C positions itself to be an affordable, powerful, and attractive version of an iPhone 5 in a plastic shell. However, the price is quite higher than other popular Chinese phones.

Back in the states, there hasn’t been a great reason to upgrade from the 4 or 4S other than the larger screen sported on the 5. Most business people won’t care for the iPhone 5C due to the bright nature of the device. It doesn’t blend well with your suit jacket and tie — unless that’s your thing of course. For the masses, having an iPhone just got easier to obtain. On the other side, your only choice is to cough up the extra $100 and get a bad ass iPhone with the finger print scanner of course.

So why does this make the iPhone 5C successful?

Because you finally have choice. Choose a phone still made of high quality parts, but one that doesn’t break the bank and that’s super bright. Perfect for parents and people who just like dropping LSD. You are getting so much phone for $100, and with the 5S you can say the same. There is finally a major differentiator between the two models — price and style. Pick yours.

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  • Grant Shepherd

    There is no point in buying the 5S therefore the 5C is the iphone worth buying simply to show apple that the flagship 5S is still not good enough.
    I sincerely hope people will buy the 5C and force apple to actually innovate. The only really useful good feature on the 5S is airdrop and this is available on the 5C anyway. Airdrop does not work on any other iPhone so Airdrop is also a half baked technology and should really be called Airflop but at least finally there is some integrated file sharing.
    When apple decides to truly innovate and give there user base something good then people should pay for the TOP END models until then I would advise against the hype. Most everything about the new 5S is just empty fluff like a gold color or fingerprint scanner to unlock it ?? Where is the larger screen size – again we have to wait for the iphone 6 to get that ?? The 5S is simply not worth the price they are asking for it.

    • Oleg Nazarov

      I’m gonna buy gold iphone 5s coz its cool

      • James Lenhart

        Im gonna buy both of them

    • James Lenhart

      I want the 5C too… Apple innovates in very slow progressions. Most people don’t know what’s in the phone to make an educated decision in their purchase. How would it look if Apple wasn’t excited about their next product? They use their excitement to make the press excited, which in turn makes consumers excited right before Christmas. I don’t think an iWatch will be out for 2013 holidays, but definitely in the works next year along with a new shiny phone.