WREN: A Spacecraft That You Control
By James Lenhart

Even nowadays space is not opened to the public, but we will change that – this year !

A team of four is sending a tennis ball sized device into space later this year aboard the UNISAT-5 deployer, which is launched inside a DNEPR Rocket from Yasni in Russia. The spacecraft is the first of its kind allowing pledgers of more than £100 to participate in controlling everything from the attitude of the craft to its thrusters. Controlling the spacecraft requires that you have the proper equipment and licenses of course. However, for £1 ($1.50 approx) you can have your message sent out into space each day. If you’ve dreamt of communicating with space creatures, this could be your chance.

To learn more about WREN just head to Kickstarter. The project needs your help!

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