Nintendo’s Newest Handheld: The Nintendo 2DS
By Chris West


I’ll be completely honest here. When I first saw this I had a brain boggling moment of stupidity as I frantically tried to remember what the date was. “Is this some kind of April Fool’s joke?” I wondered. It’s definitely late August, and Nintendo isn’t pulling our legs.

Meet the latest entry in Nintendo’s handheld lineup, the 2DS. The Nintendo 2DS is a similar form factor to the 3DS, but it doesn’t actually open and close. It is in a perpetually open state, and the 3D capabilities have been removed. Other than that it is exactly the same, with the most important change being the new price. You can pick up a Nintendo 2DS for about $130 starting on October 12th.


It seems like maybe this device’s target market is younger kids. The fact that is doesn’t fold up will make it slightly more durable, and its price is pretty enticing. It also might be Nintendo trying to reach out to those who who have their eye on some current or upcoming 3DS games, but don’t want to drop the cash on the system. Then again, it’s being released on the same day as the Pokemon X/Y. Maybe this is for all the Pokemon fanatics who could care less about 3D. What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s new handheld?

Nintendo 2DS Official Site

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