Microsoft to Introduce 3MF 3D Printing File Format in Windows 8.1
By Oleg Nazarov


Microsoft has announced their plan to introduce a new XML-based file format titled 3MF on the upcoming Windows 8.1 update.

Up until now, meshing this relationship between software and hardware has been very cumbersome. Currently, one must sort through copious amounts of file formats before finding the right combination that works with their particular hardware, software, etc. The corruption of metadata will cause defects in printing — resulting in a total loss. This 3D printing crap isn’t cheap!

A 3MF file contains every bit of information about the print job. The goal is to simplify the process and make it as easy as printing out your tickets to Disney World (I have no clue if it’s easy to print your tickets out for Disney World). I hope this drives down the price of 3D printers so I can try it out.


This is what 3d printing currently looks like


This is what Microsoft is aiming for

Image Credit: PCworld

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