Google stops people from hacking the Chromecast. For now..
By James Lenhart


Google has patched a hole which allowed an Android app called AllCast to stream any locally stored content onto your television. The hole is seen by Google as an experience flaw or inconsistency — so they’ve patched things by banning the app.

A sad day for hackers, or is it?

I challenge the brilliant minds out there to continue tinkering. Never stop.

We understand that Google reacted in this way to be taken seriously by media companies, but what’s wrong with letting the nerds have a little fun? What’s wrong with the lonely guy who spent his entire afternoon making his freekin’ Chromecast sync with his phone so he could show his friends how bad it works later? Or the kid who saved his allowance over the last month just so he could stream porn to that LED TV his parents bought him for his birthday (hypothetical scenarios of course)? Just think about that Google…

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