Modern Wallets for The Modern Man
By James Lenhart


A wallet says a lot about a man. Looking back at ancient times, men would store food in pouches they carried through out their journey each day. Leather pouches became common through out the renaissance era, and not much has changed if you fast forward to now. So what makes the modern wallet different? Materials, style, and spaces to store today’s medium. In my opinion, the only real major technological advancement in wallets has been velcro. So here’s my line-up of what I would consider a modern man’s wallet (sorry ladies, I’ve purposely left you out. Maybe I’ll do one on purses someday…not).


Zer0Z – very minimal. Super slim. Unique way of getting to your cards. Kinda expensive and the website is based on flash.

ZeroZ Wallet


Bellroy – nice materials, cool design, countless options.



Dosh – unique materials, cool colors, definitely a modern man’s wallet.



Google Wallet – of course if you don’t like the physical wallets of the past, you can always go digital with Google.

There are thousands of wallets. I’m not going to post them all, but if you’re looking for a new wallet the ones above are cool in my opinion.

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