allgeek Relaunches…Yay!
By James Lenhart


It’s my pleasure to announce the relaunch of During the creative process, we thought about how this blog should look, feel, etc. It’s not traditional, and it’s probably nothing you’ve ever seen before. That’s what we were shooting for. We want there to be somewhat of a “learning curve” if you will. The 12 tiles you see on the home page are “Featured Posts”, and the rest below the tiles are the most recent articles. We’re keeping it clean. Less lines, less ads, but more in-your-face content. I guess.

Let us know what you think (if you’re there). It’s going to take some time to get back in the groove of things, but what better way to start than with some new shoes.

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  • Oleg Nazarov

    The new blog looks sick!

    • James Lenhart


  • James Lenhart

    Yea, I think so too