Possible Leaked Images of the New PS4 Controller
By Chris West


Rumors have been flying around the internet since Sony told us all about their big announcement on February 20th. Many sources say it is definitely the PS4, but we are just going to have to find out.

In the mean time, we can take a look at a few leaked images which are supposedly of the new Dualshock 4. Several sources are saying the new controller WILL look similar to the following images. They are reported to be prototypes, but keep in mind the the 20th is probably just the announcement of the PS4, not the release. The final model has plenty of time to be tweaked, changed, and improved.

Found on IGN:

Found on Reddit:

We’ll keep you updated with new information as we find out!

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  • Game Cake

    Neat, what do we got going on in the middle there?  Hopefully LED lights come on with messages that curse at you while playing games.  The next big thing – a controller with a personality.  Oh and 80s robot voice too. 

    • Chris West

      Well the blue thing on top is almost certainly a PS Move sensor.  I’m guessing the thing in the middle is going to be one of those LCD screens that display calculator-style graphic information, that can also be touched.  

      So yea, maybe it will remind you of how badly you’re doing haha.

      • James Lenhart

        I hope its calculator style. That would really just make my fuckin day.