MultiTouch Ltd. Expands MultiTaction® Display Line With 42” Model
By Christopher Weaver

We were fortunate enough to speak with the good people from MultiTouch Ltd. at CES 2012 and discuss their 55″ Interactive display. This product showed some real promise in the business sector for those who could afford the near $20,000 price tag.

To help expand to a new clientele, MultiTouch has just announced their latest offering at the Integrated Systems Europe trade show — the MultiTaction 42″ Display. This product will come in two different models, the MultiTaction Cell 42” Embedded Display which comes with a built in Windows 7 computer, making it a stand alone product ready for deployment. They’ll also be selling the 42″ Stackable Display which supports up to 24 units, allowing the owner to create a gigantic interactive display. These products have the same capabilities as the MultiTaction Cell 55 that we previously wrote about.

Here’s the updated price listings for this product, and all other MultiTouch products.

  • MultiTaction Cell 55” Embedded – $22,495
  • MultiTaction Cell 55” – $19.950
  • MultiTaction Cell 42” Embedded – $16,950
  • MultiTaction Cell 42” – $14,950
  • MultiTouch Cell 46” Advanced High Brightness – $13,950
  • MultiTouch Cell 46” Advanced – $12,950

And if those prices are a bit too much, here’s their refurbished pricing.

  • MultiTouch Cell 46” Advanced Refurbished – $6,995
  • MultiTouch Cell 46” High Brightness Refurbished – $4,995
ISE 2012, Stand #11K37, Amsterdam RAI
AMSTERDAM – MultiTouch, Ltd., developer of the world’s first modular multitouch LCD screen for large-scale displays, today announced that it has expanded its MultiTaction® line of interactive displays with two new 42” displays, offering commercial systems integrators a smaller unit with superior design elements and the rich features associated with MultiTaction technology. The MultiTaction Cell 42” MT420W7 is the industry’s first embedded Windows™ 7 multitouch display for its size, featuring the Intel® Core™ i7 processor. The companion MT420S offers a stackable product that can be designed for large wall, table, or asymmetric display configurations.
MultiTouch now offers its MultiTaction products in 42” and 55” sizes, building on the promise of the company’s patented technology, which provides superior imaging, resolution, and scalable frameless design for manufacturers, developers, and integrators. The new 42” MultiTaction Cell is geared towards demanding retail, museum and corporate installations where a smaller screen size is required.
The new products deliver MultiTaction’s key benefits, including:
ultrafast 200 frames per second touch tracking, which offers industry-leading responsiveness
Computer Vision Through Screen optical imaging-based touch technology designed for operation in wide range of environments and in changing light conditions.
Interaction with real life objects through optical marker recognition
MultiTaction’s unique stacking capabilities, which enable customers to flexibly move from single-display installations to large multi-user interactive surfaces
multi-OS support, providing the widest range of development and integration options in the industry
a comfortable touch response with a cool surface temperature
The MT420 series products demonstrate the benefits of the MultiTaction architecture, which allows any size LCD display to offer full multitouch capabilities. The products offer MultiTouch’s characteristic full-hand tracking – rather than finger tracking – for the ultimate touch response in multi-user applications.
The products are available now for orders directly from MultiTouch or through MultiTouch resellers around the world.
“The MultiTouch product line expansion offers us an even wider palette of technical options for our customers, with the robust features that are a hallmark of the MultiTouch Cells all present and correct,” said Steve Blyth, Managing Director of Engage Production Ltd. “Customers want to be fully engaged in experiences, and the MultiTouch range offers us extensive creative options for our design choices.”
The MultiTouch 42” products are the third release using MultiTouch’s MultiTaction® platform, which was released in 2011, and includes the second in the line of Embedded products optimized for single-display installations. MultiTaction builds on MultiTouch’s patented optical imaging technology Computer Vision Through Screen for multitouch displays and provides the world’s most advanced set of touch, gesture and object recognition capabilities. The new MultiTaction® products are Full HD displays that can accommodate unlimited numbers of touch points and an unlimited number of concurrent users with full hand recognition.
“Our relationship with MultiTouch extends back several years, and we have seen the multi-user multitouch industry grow up with us. The new 42” products will be yet another welcome addition to what is already a strong product offering,” said Hauke Helmer, CEO of Interactive Scape, a leading German multi-touch system integrator. “The creative design elements can be enhanced with a smaller MultiTaction® display, and we see more possibilities for bringing multitouch experiences to our customers.”
The combination of the advanced interaction features and ultra-fast 200 fps tracking enable the most engaging interactive user experiences to be developed and deployed. Full networking capabilities allow for cloud applications, social network integration as well as remote management and monitoring.
“Customers have asked for a smaller unit, and we have now responded with what is surely the most powerful multitouch display in the midsize segment of the market,” said Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch Ltd. “Systems integrators can now address display design projects with an even fuller line of MultiTaction products, with a growing feature set. MultiTaction features enable creative developers to go where no touch display has gone before.”
MultiTouch will demonstrate the MT420W7 and MT420S at its ISE 2012 stand #11K37 themed “World of MultiTaction” in the RAI Amsterdam, from Tuesday, January 31st through Thursday, February 3. The MultiTaction demonstrations will include both the Windows 7 product as well as the prototype Windows 8 Developer Preview installation. The MT420W7 and MT420S include an upgrade path to Windows 8 with the touch-optimized Metro user interface, which will be commercially available later in 2012.
Both products include support for the industry’s widest range of development tools, including the MultiTouch Cornerstone software development kit (SDK), Microsoft® Surface 2 SDK, and all TUIO-compatible tools. An external computer with Windows, Linux or Mac can also be used to connect multiple Cells into ever-larger installations.
The MT420W7 is the second embedded interactive display to use the 2nd generation of Intel Core family of processors, which enable faster response to multiple touches.
A white paper on MultiTouch’s use of the Intel Core 2nd generation products can be found at:
MultiTaction units are designed for interaction with real-life objects – whether retail products, 2D barcodes, or game pieces, for example – and can be stacked to any size or shape using tens of units. The product’s frameless thin bezel design enables MultiTaction to be embedded in custom-designed furniture. The smooth edge-to-edge front glass on the display unit is a first for any multitouch display. Further information and a white paper on MultiTaction can be found at
Watch MultiTouch CTO Tommi Ilmonen demonstrate and discuss the MultiTaction® product line at:
The MultiTaction launch video can be viewed at:
Photos of the MT420W7 and MT420S can be viewed and downloaded from
For more information, please visit and, as well as the MultiTouch YouTube channel at, and for further MultiTouch updates.About MultiTouch Ltd.
MultiTouch is a leading developer of interactive display systems, based on proprietary software and hardware designs. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with U.S. offices in Santa Clara, California and New York City. Its systems are currently in use in more than 40 countries around the globe. For more information, please visit
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