Google’s New Privacy Policy
By Christopher Weaver

Google Privacy

The new Google Privacy Policy will go into effect on March 1st, 2012 and the goal is to simplify things for the users. This will be done by combining policies from across Google’s 60 properties into one that is unified and deals with a user’s whole “Google experience”. To sum this up in simple terms, Google will soon be able to treat you as one user across all of their sites.

Many people are in fear that this means Google is now planning to create some diabolical dossier containing all of your most intimate habits. You should definitely know that in actuality, no additional information is being collected than has previously been done. Users who are still concerned should remember — you can always chat “off the record” in Gmail or browse in “incognito mode” while browsing in Chrome to avoid personal information from being recorded.

So if not much is changing in regards to what personal information is being tracked than what’s so scary? Well keep in mind there’s always a financially driven reason for companies to make changes. This allows Google a better opportunity to target specific ads to you, making you more valuable to them — with no option for you to even opt out. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either, with better ads users are more likely to find ones that are relevant. This is how Google products remain free, so we should all keep our eyes open to that simple fact. Also, with all data theoretically “stored” in one location, it makes for a single point of entry into all of a user’s data in the event of some hackage.

Personally, I am glad that Google has been up front in letting the public know what is going to be changing. They’ve even been sending out e-mail to inform customers that don’t browse the web much — and with enough time (around 5 weeks) to decide if you want to stay with Google services. Remember, you can always use Yahoo mail, Vimeo, or some other Google alternative and cut them out of the equation entirely. If you want to see exactly what the changes are, just visit Google’s Privacy Policy preview page.

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