Travel in Style on the Solowheel by Inventist Inc.
By Christopher Weaver


Of all the cool innovative gadgets we saw at this year’s CES there was one that stood out as being the most potentially dangerous. It at the same time registered quite high on the scale of awesomeness. Made by Inventist Inc., this single wheeled electric powered people mover is called the Solowheel. Equipped with two feet stands, the rider “simply” steps on and presses their calves into the padded center of the vehicle and starts leaning. It is equipped with gyroscopic sensors that interpret the rider’s leaning and responds by sending the device moving in that direction (hopefully with you still on it).

Capable of traveling at around 10 miles per hour with a range of between 15-20 miles, this could definitely be considered as a mode of local transportation. If not, it most certainly can be used to have a blast darting around your city and making people stare. Once you’ve exhausted your Solowheel’s lithium ion battery, it will only take you around 2 hours to recharge. If you’re not the type that likes to wait around for a charge you can always ride down a long continuous hill, as the Solowheel will recharge while going downwards — similar to a hybrid car.

As I said in the first sentence, this product is definitely not the safest thing to ride. I can speak first hand on that, since on the first try I crashed softly into a wall. Though you should have no fear (if you wear a helmet and elbow pads), if you decide to shell out the $1795 to purchase one and smash it into oncoming traffic, it does come with a one year warranty. This should be plenty of time for you to master this futuristic craft. If you’d like to buy one they can be found here, or you can go to their website to learn more.

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