A Sneak Peak of Ceton’s “Q” and Echo Media Extender
By James Lenhart


Ceton, the company originally known for the InfiniTV 4 PCIe and USB is working on two products that are a must-see for any TV lover. Some of the products demoed to us are currently under development, however, expect minimal changes to the hardware and design shown in the pictures provided. The first product codenamed “Q” is a 6 channel multi-tuner HD DVR equipped with Blu-ray and a 2TB drive. External storage is added through USB 2.0, 3.0, and eSATA.

The “Q” software and interface were built to remind you of Windows Media Center as it’s based off Windows Embedded. Every aspect of Windows Media Center is brought to the “Q” along with an additional universal search capability that lets you find media across multiple networks. Licensing and partnerships with some of the companies used for search haven’t been finalized, but we were told to expect upgrades to the software after roll-out.

Ceton Q - Back

Ceton’s “Q” has numerous ways to connect within your home and through mobile devices, which brings us to their next product titled the Ceton Echo. The Echo is a media extender that works with the InfiniTV and “Q” sporting different features depending on the device its paired with. It’s able to pair with an Xbox 360, and any PC with Windows Media Center.

Ceton Echo

Bringing television to different parts of your home has never been easier as Echo works with your existing Windows Media Center setup. You may set items to record, view live cable, access internet media services, and watch all your recorded shows through your main Windows Media Center box or “Q”. Those looking for multi-room functionality will enjoy the “Q” MoCA adapter that utilizes your existing coaxial wires inside your home.

Ceton’s products elminate the need to lease a DVR from your cable provider and offers a rich experience unlike anything we’ve seen. Pricing and release information were not disclosed, but we were told to expect its arrival sometime in 2012 at a price that beats the competition. Upon its release we expect there to be a rich mobile experience and further refinement done to the universal search.

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  • Joemann557

    So how does the video signal get to an existing television in your home? Do you need a connection between the televisions such as a network cable or HDMI? Or does it use the existing coax. I wish there were some kind of video or diagram as to how this thing functions. I have 6 televisions and six cable set top boxes and would love to get rid of them. ANy help you can give would be great.