Aiken Labs’ Immersive Motion
By Chris West


If you just can’t wait until the Kinect officially comes to Windows, you may want to check out Aiken Labs’ new motion technology.

Branded “Immersive Motion”, this accessory allows you to apply motion control to almost any aspect of your computing experience. The booth at CES this year was showcasing the controller’s abilities while playing a custom made game.

The controller consists of two wristsbands and a headband. Head movements register on screen, and the game responded by changing your view as you looked in different directions. Left hand movements controlled your target, while your right hand was for performing actions. The movement seemed a bit jerky, but I only had a few minutes to play around with it.

While talking with Aiken Labs, they said it would also be possible to control your desktop applications with customizable profiles. Almost anything can be operated using motion controls.

Stay tuned for a full review on this product, and be sure to check out the Aiken Labs website.

Lenoir, NC November 14, 2011–AikenLabs announces the upcoming consumer release of their Immersive Motion accessory system January 10th, 2012. Designed using the latest non-optical sensor and wireless technologies, the Immersive Motion system offers portable, high resolution motion interfaces for desktops, mobile devices, and select consoles.

With Immersive Motion, you are no longer restricted to the confines of your living room, forced to move your furniture, or tethered to the chair in front of your screen. This platform independent motion accessory system gives the consumer personal motion interfacing allowing users to integrate with their PCs/mobile devices while interacting with other users in practically any setting.

Immersive Motion takes the control experience to the next level by allowing the user to create custom motion interfaces without programming! Virtually any existing application can be motion enabled by easily mapping gestures and motions to emulate joystick/gamepad controls, mouse, and/or keyboards. Profiles can be created for use with existing software and even uploaded and shared with other users.

AikenLabs’ Immersive Motion accessory system is composed of three functional units; wireless sensors, wired expansion sensors, and server module. Up to eight wireless sensors can be worn by the player or mounted on any object to create unique custom controllers. For more motion points, up to two additional wired expansion sensors can be attached to each wireless sensor yielding a maximum of 24 points of precision motion sensing.

Immersive Motion will be available in two editions. The “Desktop Edition” will be offered in two variants; a Consumer Version for use in basic gaming interfaces and a Professional Version for developers and the technically savvy. The “Mobile Edition” will utilize the same wireless sensors and wired expansion sensors while offering a Bluetooth receiver for wireless connection to most mobile platforms.

Immersive Motion brings wireless motion interfacing to the average consumer on almost any platform that supports either USB or Bluetooth. Now motion control is personal…strap on a few lightweight Immersive Motion sensors and it belongs to you and can go anywhere the game moves you!

ABOUT AIKENLABS: AikenLabs, a newly formed division of Aiken Development LLC, is an innovative USA based engineering group with over 25 years of real-time, embedded application development in the areas of control, high speed vision, and motion related applications. By utilizing the latest advances in device and packaging technologies, AikenLabs is focused on bringing innovative, cost effective products to the consumer marketplace.


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