What to take from the Qualcomm Keynote at the 2012 International CES
By James Lenhart

Emerging Markets

Today’s keynote was jam packed full of information ranging from the products that Qualcomm makes, their market share, and future plans of expansion to other countries. Qualcomm shipped over 7 billion chip sets in the last fiscal year, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down. In 2011, revenue for wireless devices and applications amounted to 1.3 trillion dollars.

Qualcomm wants to expand into emerging markets by lowering the cost of devices. And to achieve this goal, Qualcomm plans to provide reference material to manufacturers who make Android devices. Some might consider this a blueprint to properly merge the hardware with software, which is how it should be.

Future Technology

Medical Future Qualcomm Keynote

Qualcomm’s next line of S4 Snapdragon processors will provide the power needed to playback 1080p video, handle augmented reality applications, Dolby digital surround sound 7.1, and 4G LTE. The next generation of Windows will support both ARM and x86 and will use Snapdragon processors for certain hardware. Dr. Paul Jacobs did mention that every single Windows Phone shipped as of today uses the power of Snapdragon, and Nokia stands behind their product — creating a perfect marriage of hardware and software.

The power of wireless technology is undoubtedly growing and changing every day. That means we can provide new services to emerging markets, and educate children who are unable to receive proper schooling. The traditional method of educational infrastructure, medical technology, and our daily lives is ever changing and Qualcomm is here to make it happen.

Videos and more insight into the keynote will be shared during our podcast which is TBA sometime this evening. 

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