Rain Design iRest Review
By Chris West

Rain Design is a company that started in 2002 with a clear path in mind; Create cool, original and user-friendly products. They have multiple award winning products available, but today we will be talking about the iRest.

F I R S T    I M P R E S S I O N S

It seems as though Rain Design has put some thought into the design of the iRest. It really looks nice sitting with its other half, the iPad, and almost looks as though it could have come packaged with your favorite tablet straight from the factory. Rain Design claims to have Apple design in mind, and I think its easy to see what they mean.

T H E    P R O S
Solid Design. Not only does the iRest look good sitting with your iPad, the design seems to be very sturdy. Thick pads keep it from being uncomfortable, and rubber grips are everywhere to keep both your device and the stand from moving around. The iRest is made with solid materials that don’t look or feel flimsy, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear way to even break this thing.
Ease of Use. Depending on the angle, sometimes using the iPad can be a pain. Typing and viewing can become complicated when trying to use your iPad flat on your lap. The iRest puts your device in a natural position, allowing you to more efficiently type (or fling birds). It can also function as a dock, and allows for a charging cable. It even has a handy spot to store the cable when not using it (at least that’s what I use it for).
Adjustable. The iRest has a torque hinge, allowing you to perfect your viewing angle. There are no pre-set angles, just move your stand to how you want it. You can also remove the back pads, and two rubber feet on the bottom allow you to turn the lap rest into a table rest. The iPad fits snugly either landscape or portrait and is held in place by rubber pads.

T H E    C O N S
Limited Viewing Angle. While the iRest IS very adjustable, sometimes you can’t get it to hit that completely perfect angle. This usually occurs when laying down, or when it is set on a table. Sometimes you need to prop something under the back so that you can see the screen clearly.
Small Front Pad. This one might just be me, but it seemed like sometimes the front pad on the iRest was slipping down through my legs. This only occurred in certain sitting positions, but I would have liked if it were just a bit wider.
Covered Logo. Obviously not a very important con, but a lot of Apple users are pretty proud of their devices (and the amount of money it took to buy them). It would be nice if this stand allowed you to flaunt your style.

F I N A L    T H O U G H T S
You can pick up an iRest from Rain Design’s website for $49.90. I might have dug to find a few things I didn’t like about it, but all-in-all this is a great product. I had never looked into a stand for my iPad before this, but now that I see what I’ve been missing I wish I would have. The iRest makes using your iPad so much more enjoyable, and its quality is hard to beat.

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  • James Lenhart

    Awesome video dude

  • Lynette

    And your parents said that video games were a waste of time!  If I put the Ipad on my front passenger seat and put my ipad or iphone on it, will it stay on the rest or is the rest slippery, like when I hit the brakes will my phone just slide right off?