Is Google Planning a Vanilla Tablet?
By Christopher Weaver

When many of us think of the perfect Android device, we think of one running the way Google intended. That’s why the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Nexus had so much hype surrounding it, but what if there was a tablet with the same Vanilla version of Ice Cream Sandwich? If the surfacing rumors from DigiTimes can be believed, than that is what is currently in the works. It is believed by some that Google has shared with their supply chain the intent to construct a 7 inch Android tablet running ICS that might hit the market in the next six months. This is also supported by the stories claiming that Eric Schmidt told an Italian publication in December that Google was planning a tablet that could go toe-to-toe with the iPad 2.

The interesting part of this story is the pricing, which is said to be in the ballpark of $199 to $299. If it turns out to indeed perform on par with the iPad 2 and is priced to compete with the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire it could potentially turn the tide of the tablet wars.

Keep in mind DigiTimes is not always the most reliable source, but it would seem to make sense that Google has an in house plan for tablets as they do for phones with the Nexus line. This might coincide with their acquisition of Motorola who then would make the perfect choice for construction of this new device.

So the question of the day — would the availability of a Nexus tablet change your mind when making a tablet purchase? Or would you still opt to purchase an iPad2/3 or go the route of a Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire?


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