Google Purchases Another Bundle of IBM Patents
By Christopher Weaver

Google is apparently starting out the 2012 year strongly by diving right into new patent deals. It appears that what IBM has Google wants, and this time the deal added over 200 patents to their arsenal. This may not seem like a lot considering that during the summer of 2011 Google purchased over 2,000 patents from IBM through two deals each encompassing around 1,000 patents. This time however the goal doesn’t seem to be merely beefing up their portfolio to defend the famously sued Android OS, but to make progressions moving forward.

Most notably important in this bundle is U.S. Patent 7,865,592 which is described as “using semantic networks to develop a social network”. This leads us to believe that Google is planning (when are they not?) to beef up their social platform Google+ and give it an edge over the competition.

One thing that this patent will allow for is the ability to find “experts” or users with common interest in a particular field, even those individuals who have in no way listed their interest in that field. The way this is done is basically through analyzing posts for related content and even through calculating the time users spend writing/reading about that topic. All in all, this means that searching and finding on Google+ will surely get better in the near future, not to mention that Google is clearly serious about playing ball when it comes to the patent wars.


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