Siri for Android is Here and It’s a Knockoff
By Christopher Weaver

Since the launch of the iPhone 4S many of us have been happily firing questions away at our virtual personal assistant Siri. Though Android users have many voice control options such as Vlingo, Iris, or just the built in Google voice controls none are quite as full featured as Apple’s solution. On Wednesday, a “clever” Android developer known as Official App decided to capitalize on the situation by introducing Siri for Android into the Marketplace. This app is nothing but a knockoff and simply offers a Siri icon that will launch the built in Google voice controls.

Not only is this some sort of copyright infringement, but who’s to say there isn’t any malicious software cleverly packaged in an app that is sure to get some major attention due to Siri’s hype. This makes us wonder if it is time for Android to revamp their app approval process. Thankfully users who pay attention to app reviews will not be fooled by this fraudulent attempt, but seeing as how there are already over 1,000 installs some people are clearly being caught up in some grade A trickery.

Parting Tip: Read reviews before downloading apps and help the Android community by rating apps.

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