Wi-Fi Vending Machines to Hit Japan From Asahi Soft Drinks
By Christopher Weaver

When it comes to technology some gadgets are super useful and some are just plain awesome. Asahi Soft Drinks has decided to do both with their latest offering, and strangely enough it is a vending machine. Not just any vending machine, it is a wi-fi dispensing vending machine. In the first year of deployment (2012), Asahi plans to install 1,000 of these multi-function machines across Japan. Asahi’s road-map is to increase that number to 10,000 over the next five years.

Stop in for a soft drink and you’ll be able to tap into the free wi-fi and use it within a 50 meter radius. Thirty minutes is the limit before you get kicked off, but don’t fret, you can immediately reconnect. These vending machines will be deployed in public buildings, malls, transit stations, inside and outside.

This is probably the best way to deploy wi-fi throughout any particular area due to the fact that vending machines can literally be anywhere. Compared to a fast food chain or certain hotels, there seems to be no better way to get wi-fi in so many places. This isn’t the only way that Asahi is leading the way in innovative vending, they also utilize LED lighting to keep energy costs low while providing a much appreciated service.


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  • James Lenhart

    The Japanese are always thinking of what to do with vending machines, but I dont think they can beat that Amazon vending machine that’s due to hit big in 2012. Of course I never been to Japan.

  • Anonymous

    This is true. Now if only we could start getting wi-fi Amazon vending machines all over America we’d be in great shape (hint hint Amazon).