Apple Wins Core Multitouch Patent
By James Lenhart

Yesterday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published that Apple is now the owner of a core multitouch patent. Without diving to deep, Apple introduced a new touch technology in 2007 with the first iPhone — and it revolutionized the industry that was once using resistive  touch panels. The key difference between capacitive and resistive panels are resistive touch panels cannot detect more than one point on the screen, whereas a capacitive touch panel can.

In the filing from Apple:

“In general, multi-touch panels may be able to detect multiple touches (touch events or contact points) that occur at or about the same time, and identify and track their locations.”

Apple’s patent not only provides a better way to use touch technology, but it refines it to the point where it can detect “hovers” or “near touches”. The precision of the iPhone’s screen has always been one of our favorite aspects of the phone, and today it becomes clearer why that is.

Capacitive touch technology is being used in Windows Phones, Android Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Video Players, and even ATM’s. Our biggest question is, “will Apple go on a rampage of law suits, or will they keep it to themselves?”

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