BGR: The Next iPhone is Coming in Fall 2012 With a New Design
By James Lenhart

The folks over at BGR got some exciting information detailing the plans of the next iPhone launch and some expected hardware changes. The information was obtained from a “close source”, which means that anything said at this point is about as solid as Jello. However, BGR has proven themselves in the past.

It’s common belief that the next iPhone will launch in the fall of 2012, right around the time that the iPhone 4S was released this year. Aluminum backing will be in store for this model, along with a rubbery-plastic material that’s said to sit between the front glass and the new aluminum back. It will also wrap the housing for a new antenna design.  There is no mention of future connectivity (4G), but we do believe a larger display is in the works for the next iPhone.

Everything reported by the Genius appears to be believable, however, we can’t say anything concrete until Apple reveals all sometime next year. Until then, let the games begin.

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