Google Signs Deal with Firefox to Remain Default Search Provider
By Christopher Weaver

Google has just come to an agreement with Mozilla to remain the default search provider for another three years. The deal will cost Google $300 million per year, which is quite a bit more than the previous arrangement. This is presumably due to heavy competition from the other search providers in the U.S., Yahoo and Bing. It appears that the cost was simply too high for the competition, and for Google the market share was too important to lose. Mozilla accounts for around 25% of browser market share, which is about equal to that of Google Chrome. Though Chrome is on the rise, it is no shocker that losing 25% of potential search through Mozilla was simply unacceptable for Google.

So if you’re a Mozilla Firefox fan and also love using Google search, it would seem that life for you will continue to be nice for the next three years.

[All Things D]

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