Will Sony be Forced to Slash Vita’s Price?
By James Lenhart

Over the weekend, research firm Enterbrain collected data from the sales of Sony’s PlayStation Vita, which launched in Japan just this past Saturday. Enterbrain says that Sony has sold 321,400 Vita units in 48 hours — about 50k less than what Nintendo sold of their 3DS back in February over the same time.

While those numbers are still impressive, it does pose a new question as to whether or not Sony may be forced to do exactly what Nintendo did after falling short of projections. Looking back, Nintendo has no choice but to slash the 3DS from $250 to $170, which has actually turned out to be a good move for the long-term.

We’d like to make note that both the PS Vita and 3DS are sporting new technologies that have never been used before. However, with Android and iOS devices taking over the market, it does make you wonder what people are really “gaming” on these days. ┬áPeople can use their phones for not only gaming, but a whole slew of other uses. And that’s why Sony may be facing an uncontrollable issue. Sony is no longer competing against other console-makers, they are battling against the mobile market — which is currently one of the fiercest markets to go up against.

We wish them luck, and we’ll know more once it hits here in the states.

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