Google+ Update Adds Some Desirable Features
By Christopher Weaver

Today Google has announced a new set of features for their social networking site that many users have long been needing and asking for. First they will be offering a new way to avoid being flooded by posts from “over-sharers” through integrating a slider bar that regulates how many posts you’ll see from any particular circle in your main stream. For example, if you’d like to see all of the posts from your friends circle, you’ll be able to slide the slider over to “show all posts from this circle”. In contrast, if you happen to have a circle with the “over-sharers” I mentioned, simply slide the bar downwards to either “show most things”, “show fewer things”, or “show nothing” — keep in mind this only will effect how these posts blend into your main stream.

The second set of new features are very important to those trying to operate a brand page. Many people have complained about only being able to have one administrator for each brand page, but today that all changes. You’ll now be able to designate up to 50 managers that will have access to post and reply through your brand page. To add managers all you’ll do is click in the top right on settings and then managers will come up on the left side — click that and then add away by using the desired user’s e-mail address. As a manager you’ll also have your brand page notifications integrated with your personal notifications in the same red box. You’ll even be shown how many people have +1 or added your brand to their circles right below your brand logo.

Lastly there have been upgrades to how photos work. They will supposedly be easier to use and more focused around the actual photo. Unfortunately these new features have yet to roll out to me personally, so I can not report on how awesome they are. When that happens you’ll surely be the first to know. If you’ve seen the new features, let us know what you think.

[Google Blog]

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