Apple’s A5 Chips – Now Made in Austin, Texas
By Christopher Weaver

If you thought that all the parts for the iPhone were made overseas, you would have been right, until now. Producer of the A5 chip used to power the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2, Samsung Electronics, is now producing this chip right here in the good old U.S.A. A new factory has been constructed in Austin, Texas which reportedly cost $3.6 billion and is as large as nine football fields (1.6 million square feet). It appears as if this factory is primarily producing the A5 chip, but is also making some NAND flash memory as well. According to Reuters, neither Samsung or Apple will confirm or deny what exactly is being produced in this factory which is not surprising.

So what does this mean? Will the next iPhone/iPad be constructed in the U.S.? We doubt it, but maybe this is the first step towards that goal. Even if not this factory will be adding a new 1,100 jobs to the American economy, which is a good thing all by itself.


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