Google’s Project Majel may be Rival to Apple’s Siri
By Christopher Weaver

Those with an iPhone 4S have been happily chatting away with their computerized assistant. Asking it questions in natural human language to get things done, or just to have a good laugh at what Siri will come up with. It appears that Google might have a slight case of Apple-envy when it comes to this particular feature, and in response are reportedly working on a solution for their own Android devices. Majel is the code name for Google’s voice assistant according to Android and Me, which is a reference to the voice from Star Trek’s Federation Computer.

According to the rumor-mill this project might be completed by the end of 2011, but seeing as how close we are to year’s end it might be more realistic to expect Majel sometime in January or February. In the initial release there may be only support for Google searches, but eventually we expect this to rival Siri in regards to functionality and natural language interpretation. Expect big things out of Majel as it is reportedly being worked on by a team at Google X, a top secret lab that tackles far fetched ideas and brings them to reality.

[Android and Me]

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