Report: iPad3 Launching In March Or April
By James Lenhart

Back in August the WSJ reported that Apple would launch a third-generation iPad to customers in the first quarter of 2012. The report released today by DigiTimes enforces these claims by suggesting a few things. First, Apple is said to decrease production of the iPad 2 in the first quarter of 2012, and secondly, Apple will begin production of the iPad 3 in the same quarter. With multiple reports saying the same thing, we’re left with no choice but to think a new iPad will be here within a few months.

Analysts suggest that Foxconn will makeĀ 9.5 – 9.7 million third-generation iPad units within the first quarter. Apple will most likely decrease production of the iPad 2 to around half that. We also worry about the onset of the other devices, which we will be taking a sneak peak at during our trip to CES in Las Vegas. If you ask us, this looks like a recipe for a new tablet to hit us in the face any month now. Let the rumors flow.


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