Google Adds Facial Recognition And Other Features to Google+
By Edmond Durana

Google is riding the social networking Wave and is attempting to gain some more Buzz for its social network site, Google+.  Last week, on top of updating iOS and Android apps, Google updated Google+ in order to increase the social network’s integration with the company’s other apps.  One of the more notable ones is face detection, which is an option that you can activate on Google+’s setting.  Once you enable this option, you will be notified whenever someone uploads a photo of you.  Facebook has a similar feature called “Tag Suggestions”.  But unlike Facebook’s “Tag Suggestions”, the user must manually activate Google+’s Find My Face.

Google also integrated Gmail users into the fray by adding the following helpful features:

1.)   Filtering and separating messages by the user’s Google+circle

2.)   Ability to see the last post someone shared with you

3.)   Making it easier to add contacts to your circle and share photos with them.

Google is gradually revealing  these changes and all Gmail/Google+ users will see these changes relatively soon.


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