Galaxy Nexus Releases in North America – Just Not on Verizon
By Christopher Weaver

The day came and went that was the rumored release date for the elusive Samsung Galaxy Nexus, at least for customers in the United States. Verizon Wireless has continued to push off the release date, with no official date in mind. There are some rumors according to Gotta Be Mobile that state they have spoken with several Verizon employees that confirmed December 15th as the launch day, but after calling nearly 10 stores I was unable to get any hint or verification. This is probably very frustrating to many customers that are itching to shell out $300, and for some is causing them to buy a different phone (like myself – iPhone 4S).

Canadian customers on the other hand now have the chance to purchase this Android behemoth, that is if they are a Bell or Virgin Mobile customer. Those who choose to buy are looking at spending just under $160 on either carrier with a 3-year contract (ouch!). If you happen to be a Rogers Wireless customer, you can expect to see the Galaxy Nexus sometime in January which with the way things are going might be before we see it from Verizon.

All in all this appears to be somewhat of a fiasco. With the holidays rapidly approaching and customers rapidly shopping for the holidays it seems that many potential sales of this device will be lost due to bad timing and no publicly available information. Not cool.

[CIO Today]

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  • Silver6698

    F–K Verizon and even more Google for letting these morons represents their top of the class phone.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure in the planning stages it seemed like the best option to go with the largest U.S. carrier, but then to be non-proactive towards with this device towards the public is a big problem.