The White Motorola RAZR Isn’t Really White
By James Lenhart

We can’t complain to much because variety is good to have, however, those expecting a bold white RAZR may be in for a little disappointment. The phone is mainly made up of screen with a small white bezel around the edge, and of course the white frame is visible on back. If you compare this to other white phones on the market, you will notice that the RAZR’s front and back looks mostly black. This is partly due to the fact that the phone is made up of Kevlar on the reverse side.

The white RAZR will run customers $299.99 and functions just the same as the black RAZR. Are you going to buy this?


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  • El

    Nope. All black or all white. Not half way… Doesn’t look as sleek.

    • James Lenhart

      Yea. I agree

      • Anonymous

        Would be nice if it was Zebra striped.