$99 Touchpads to be Sold on December 11th Via HP’s eBay Store
By Christopher Weaver

If you weren’t one of the “lucky” individuals who stood in a long line to get a $99 HP Touchpad you might still have a chance to get that bargain basement price. HP will be selling the remaining stock of their refurbished tablets through their eBay store on December 11th. Both models will be sold, the 16GB ($99) and the 32GB ($149) in addition to a $79 accessory bundle which includes a case, charging dock, and a wireless keyboard.

There is a catch (isn’t there always?). HP employees will have first crack at the sale, which for them will begin at 6:00 p.m. Central time. In a company memo it was said that there will be a short window for the employees before the sale extends to the public, so don’t expect it to be very long after 6. Considering the short supply, if you are indeed interested get your eBay account ready and load some funds into your PayPal account and get to waiting. Keep in mind that each eBay account can only purchase up to two devices.

All tablets will come with a 90 day limited warranty and all sales are final.


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