Galaxy Nexus Training Document Surfaces for Verizon Employees
By Christopher Weaver

As the launch day for the elusive Samsung Galaxy Nexus draws ever closer we keep getting tidbits of information to keep us interested. The latest on that front is a training document for Verizon Wireless sales people, the interesting part is the order in which some features are listed. First of course is Ice Cream Sandwich (with no real features listed), but the second item on the list is Google+. This struck me as odd, considering all of the new features and killer hardware specs it would seem that an “older” service wouldn’t make it to the top of the feature list. The third topic on their training list is about Verizon’s 4G LTE offerings which is a key selling point, but remember there are many other powerful Verizon Wireless phones that are 4G. Lastly (yet most importantly) come the actual features of the phone (at least a few) such as the HD Super AMOLED display, Android Beam, on the go picture editing, and face unlock (which failed when showed off at the unveiling demo).

It seems to me that their would be a better way to showcase this device, starting with the most compelling features. It also strikes me as odd that there has been such “confusion” regarding the exclusivity and release date for this device. When comparing the amount of DROID RAZR advertisements I have seen with that of the Galaxy Nexus it makes me wonder if Verizon wants to make this phone a huge success. Either way Android faithfuls will hold out for that pure Vanilla Google experience.

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