Apple TV May Come in 3 Sizes from 32 Inches to 55 Inches
By Christopher Weaver

The Apple TV is considered by many the last missing piece needed by Apple to dominate the connected experience, and we’re not talking the set-top box, we’re talking big screen goodness. Following the death of Steve Jobs many were compelled to read his biography in which Steve was cited saying that he had found the solution to making the Apple made TV a reality. According to Smarthouse’s sources there are currently a few display sizes that are being developed ranging in size from 32″ to a eye thrilling 55″. If the sources can be believed we might see Apple’s next processor model in this TV, presumably the A6, which will probably be found also in the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3.

The key to the magic is said to be the incorporation of Siri, using voice controls to interface with your television just might be the answer to getting rid of those pesky remote controls. This all sounds great to us, but what we would really love to see from Apple would be the incorporation of a Pico projector into the iPhone/iPad. This could essentially bypass the need for any additional devices and above all would make the iPhone a hands down winner against the competition. We will remain hopeful on that front, but until then keep checking in for any Apple TV updates.

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  • charlitos

    Im just hoping it wont be over $3000