Amazon Kindle Fire Users Complain About Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems
By Edmond Durana

Amazon Kindle Fire users are complaining of connection problems just three weeks after the debut.  Users are complaining about problems accessing Wi-Fi networks and the Internet.

There are 175 posts in Amazon’s own Kindle forum written by frustrated users describing the problem. One post said,

“Have just opened Kindle Fire.  Can connect to wifi but no internet.  All other wireless devices in home are working fine connecting to internet.”

One person even complained about their experience when contacting Amazon’s customer support. The representative contacted not only didn’t follow up with an e-mail or phone call, but the problem was not resolved in a timely fashion. The problem was eventually fixed by installing the latest software, initially version 6.1, later 6.2. There were no specific references to Wi-Fi bug fixes on the Amazon site.

Amazon recommends downloading version 6.2 and describes that the latest version provides “improvements to the operation of your Kindle Fire”, though Amazon still has not publicly acknowledged any problems with internet or wi-fi connectivity in regards to the Kindle Fire.


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