Xbox Live Update Brings New Interface and Support for Many New Entertainment Services
By Christopher Weaver

Xbox 360 owners will be high fiving each other starting tomorrow in response to the new interface they’ll be enjoying on the device. This redesign is directed at making the device a more functional entertainment portal, while at the same time integrating a bunch of new options for watching content. Some of the new content you’ll have access to comes from companies like Verizon’s FiOS, Comcast On-Demand, Hulu Plus,, Netflix, Zune, and ESPN.

This is definitely an opportunity worth investing in considering that Xbox 360 owners watch around 60 hours of video content per month. In addition to the redesign and new content Microsoft is also working to make the actual interaction with the device better. Not only have the Kinect voice controls been upgraded to work more seamlessly, but Windows Phone devices will also let you browse, pick shows/movies, and send them to playing through your Xbox 360 with the addition of the Xbox Companion app. Let’s not forget that this indeed a gaming console and that there is one nice new feature with this update. Users will be able to log into their gamertag on any Xbox 360 and play saved games or watchin-progress movies on any device by tapping into the cloud.

The update is said to only take a few minutes to download and will become available Tuesday, December 6th. So once you get it let us know if you’re life is changed like a reborn Phoenix, or if it is not what you were looking for.

[Venture Beat]

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