Spotify Releases New API for App Developers
By Christopher Weaver

As the world of streaming music gets more congested, some companies are looking to set themselves apart. Today Spotify has unveiled their latest efforts to differentiate their business that opens up a world of musical possibilities for app developers. A new API will let developers harness the power of Spotify as a platform, while creating an app using HTML5. This new API comes as a direct response to users asking for new features according to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. The concept is to offer a vanilla experience to those who want it, but to also allow users to download apps that will give them any functionality that is available.

Some of the apps available on launch are Rolling Stone, Songkick,, Top10, Billboard, Fuse, ShareMyPlaylists, Tunigo, and MoodAgent. If you’re still wondering “What are these possibilities you speak of?”, here’s a few examples. Some launch partners will incorporate features such as: lyrics, sharing, music news, and custom tailored playlists to name a few.

Spotify seems to be on the right track, and is currently the most widely paid-for streaming music service with 2.5 million customers. This new push couldn’t come at a better time. After the recent withdrawal of 200+ indie labels from Spotify, anything they can do to reinvigorate the population will most likely be well received.


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