The Real Facebook Phone is Coming – Codename HTC Buffy
By Christopher Weaver

Facebook has long been considering the best entrance strategy into being more dominant in the phone arena and has even had a few “Facebook phones” hit the shelves, like the HTC Status. The Status had a Facebook share button that makes participating with Facebook a bit easier, but now plans have surfaced for a real phone with real Facebook integration and it’s code-named the HTC Buffy, according to All Things D.

The plan for Buffy is to deeply weave Facebook into the inner workings of Android by creating a heavily modified version of the OS, similar to how the B&N Nook Tablet and the Kindle Fire have leveraged Android. One of the problems created by forking Android is the inaccessibility of the Android Market, therefore making app purchasing and availability a problem. Facebook’s solution to that problem is to have all apps developed in HTML5, as to circumvent the traditional appstore.

According to Facebook, they have around 350 million active mobile users which makes this such an interesting playing field, but with every phone already able to access Facebook and their services, how will the experience get better with a Facebook branded device? I don’t mind the concept of a cloistered eco-system like the one surrounding the Kindle Fire, but to embrace a phone that only offers what Facebook deems worthy doesn’t sound great to me. Especially considering anyone on Android can have a top notch social experience using Google+, which has additional functionality and is introducing new features at a rapid clip.

This phone is still in the conceptual phase and we won’t be able to give it any real evaluation until we hear more and see more, which might take between 12 to 18 months.

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