Amazon Wireless Sells Almost Every Phone for a Penny Until November 28th
By Christopher Weaver

If you’re a budget minded consumer looking to purchase a smartphone, you might want to head over to Amazon Wireless for their Penny Pincher sale. Today through November 28th you can pick up most of the hottest Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry smartphones for just a penny, which sure beats the recent deal run on the Droid RAZR by Amazon, which sold the device at $111.11. This deal is far more than the RAZR and includes the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Rezound, Droid Bionic, Droid Charge, the Droid Incredible 2, and all other devices on Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T except for the iPhone. Keep in mind this is only for new lines of service and includes 2 day free shipping. The only downside to be aware of is that like with any carrier, Amazon has an ETF (Early Termination Fee) of up to $325.


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