iPhone 4S Carrier Performance Study Shows that Verizon Is Most Reliable, AT&T the Fastest
By Edmond Durana

In just a month, Apple’s iPhone 4S became the fastest-selling smartphone of all time. It also recently arrived on Sprint’s network which makes it available in three of the four top wireless carriers in the United States. A surprising report from performance analytics company  Metrico Wireless Inc. found that not all iPhones are created equal. In a month-long thorough study, Metrico downloaded more than 21,000 web pages, performed over 8,000 speed tests, and placed more than 6,000 voice calls from the iPhone in order to measure performance.

When it comes to data, AT&T came in first with the a mean speed of 3,210 Kbps and a maximum speed of 6,047 KBPS. Coming in second was Verizon Wireless’ network which had a mean speed of 1,071 Kbps and a maximum speed of 2,371 Kbps. And last was Sprint with an average speed of 581 Kbps and a maximum speed of 1,767 KBps.

In regards to call failure rates, Sprint was in the bottom again with 3.7% of iPhone 4S calls over network becoming dropped. AT&T was slightly better with almost one percentage below at 2.8% fail rate and Verizon Wireless as the most reliable at 2.1% test calls going into failure.

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