Google+ Adds Trends – Look Out Twitter
By Christopher Weaver

Google+ just won’t stop adding features, and that’s a good thing considering it originally launched with no search and some other missing functionality. The latest addition to Google’s social platform is Trends, which essentially are the same as Twitter’s Trends. The tricky part is that they currently don’t show up on the main home page. In order to see what’s trending, perform a search on Google+ and you will send trends pop up on the right hand side of the screen. You’ll see as illustrated below that you can filter whether you want to see all trending Google+ posts, everything (including web pages), just people and pages, or sparks.

If that’s not filtered enough, you can also choose to view posts by you, from your circles, or from everyone. The real question is now that Google+ has trends, what else does Twitter have on it? Will this help people migrate over in massive droves? Probably not, but it sure will make the platform more usable for the folks that live there.


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