Gmail for iOS is Lacking a Few Much-Needed Features
By James Lenhart

Last month, Google unveiled Gmail for iOS in a fashion that can only be described as “rushed”, but has since released an update to the app that is free from the launch bug. Regardless of what happened in October, we’re real fond of the idea that you can run the Gmail app on an iPhone. This is something that many Android users use as a key selling point. You might ask, “is the app awesome?” And we would reply by saying that it’s not by any means, however, it’s something that you as a Gmail user should try. We’re positive that Google will make this app “awesome” in a few more updates.

What’s Good?

  • Great UI and cool icon. At the very top you’ll see the ‘menu’ button, which expands a portion from the left side of the screen to reveal your labels, inbox, starred messages, and so on. A swipe from right-to-left at the top will put you back into full view.
  • Archiving, deleting, and assigning a message to a label is very easy.

What’s Bad?

  • Multiple user support is not present. I spent a lot of time looking because I thought there was no way Google would release a Gmail app without multiple user support — but I was wrong.
  • The app runs fluid at times, but suffers from inconsistent scrolling behavior.

Your Opinion?

We’d love to hear if you’re using it, and how it’s treating you. Leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter.

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