Google Music Partnered With: Universal, EMI, Sony Music, and 23 Independent Labels
By James Lenhart

On Wednesday, Google took the “beta” off their Music Beta By Google service, which is now called Google Music. It was originally thought that Google would struggle in finding record labels to partner with, but to our surprise they’ve actually done quite well.

Google Music is partnered with Universal, EMI, Sony Music, and around 23 independent music labels. According to Google, this covers around 13 million songs.

Also, Google announced that exclusive concerts and shows would take place through the service as an added bonus. Those that wished a good outcome for Google’s music service are probably very happy to hear today’s news. I know we are.

Without knowing much about the ins and outs of this service, we have yet to draw any conclusions as to how this might effect Apple’s iTunes store. It’s likely that it won’t make a huge difference for customers that are loyal to the Apple ecosystem, however, ¬†Android device owners will more than likely use Google Music as the new Android app was released today.

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