MixRadio from Nokia Offers Custom Music Stations with Offline Playback
By Christopher Weaver

Are you wondering which Windows Phone bests suits you? Nokia’s latest announcement might just set them above the rest of the pack. MixRadio is a personalized streaming music service much like Pandora that will come pre-installed in Nokia’s Lumia line of phones like the new Lumia 800. MixRadio will be integrated into Nokia’s Music app and will offer a sweet bonus — users can download up to 15 hours of music from their stations to be listened to offline.

Nokia is able to offer this service thanks to a partnership with Echo Nest, who provides some services for Spotify and iHeartRadio. The real question here is will MixRadio even be a factor in someone’s buying decision, or is it just a nice bonus after you’ve picked out your phone, I tend to lean towards the latter. If these Nokia specific apps and features are enough to drive consumers to pick up a Nokia Windows Phone device, than what will happen to the other Windows Phone competitors? Check out the full press release below.

The Echo Nest Makes Music Personal on Every Nokia Lumia Smartphone

SOMERVILLE, MA, November 15, 2011 – The Echo Nest, a music intelligence platform powering smarter music apps across the web and devices, announced a landmark deal with Nokia today to pre-install a cutting-edge personalized streaming radio service on Nokia handsets. Nokia MixRadio, powered by The Echo Nest, streams fully-personalized radio that immediately understands a user’s musical taste.

The Nokia Lumia 800 phone, running the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system, will be first to include the groundbreaking Nokia Music app. The free app includes personalized MixRadio, an MP3 store, live concert recommendations, and more.

After a customer unboxes a Nokia Lumia smartphone, MixRadio analyzes the customer’s digital music collection with a lightweight browser app to generate custom streaming radio stations on the phone. MixRadio builds an ever-evolving user taste profile to sculpt programming from Nokia’s catalog of over 15 million songs. Based on the Taste Profile, MixRadio offers personalized stations in a variety of genres and allows users to make customized stations based on any artist or song. Under the hood, all of these features are powered by The Echo Nest’s music intelligence platform.

“We’re obsessed with understanding the entire world of music so we can enrich consumers’ lives with a more meaningful listening experience,” said Jim Lucchese, CEO of The Echo Nest. “Nokia’s MixRadio unites our music intelligence platform with a beautiful device, delivering the most personalized global music service the world has ever seen. We are thrilled to be helping Nokia give millions of music fans this intelligent, personalized digital music experience.”

In addition to MixRadio, the free, pre-installed Nokia Music app includes approximately 100 stations programmed by music experts and influencers. Users can stream any station on-demand, or download about 15 hours of programming onto their phones for offline playback.

Running on the well-reviewed Windows Phone 7.5 operating system, The Echo Nest-powered MixRadio feature, and Nokia’s consummate hardware designs, Nokia Music gives the world’s growing number ofsmartphone users an attractive new option.


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