Apple Replacing First-Generation iPod Nano; Battery Overheating Issues
By James Lenhart

Apple is admitting to a problem in one of their products from 2005 — the iPod Nano. While it’s not being considered a “recall”, they are offering no-cost replacements to those that happen to own a first-generation iPod Nano. Currently, the battery inside the Nano could overheat, and is expected to get worse as the battery becomes older. Apple was able to confine the problem to one model and one manufacturer, which makes this an easy problem to solve.

Dates are conflicting, but you’ll more than likely be issued a new iPod Nano if you happened to purchase or receive one between September 2005 and January 2006.

Outside of the iPod Nano battery problem, we still have people reporting issues with the iPhone 4S battery. At this time it’s believed to be purely a software issue, and nothing more. Stay tuned.


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