allGeek Every Week: Episode 48 Tonight at 6:30p ET
By James Lenhart

We’re going to turn this week’s news into something that can only be described as mind blowingly awesome. Don’t believe me? Tune in at 6:30pm ET just by coming back to this post at that exact time (or slightly past it). We’ll be doing video and audio again this week. Audio listeners get the added bonus of an intro song to put you in the mood, while the video watchers get the bonus of seeing our beautiful outer shells.

UPDATE: I regret to inform all of you that there will not be a recorded version of the podcast available to download this week. It sounds bad, but we lost our audio copy before it was uploaded. This would be the first time that any like this has ever happened, and we don’t plan on making the same mistake again. Sorry to those that could not listen in.

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