Yahoo To Build Android App Store in Japan
By Edmond Durana

You can think of it as a flea market for apps.  Android, the Google mobile operating system, will get a significant boost in 2012.  Yahoo has revealed plans to build a store in Japan that is solely dedicated to selling Apps.

Japanese Android smartphone users will be able to download the applications directly from its site.  Another cool feature for the Yahoo! Market store will allow local developers to upload apps to the store, which will allow them to bypass the Android app store altogether.

Before the store opens, the company has unveiled a dedicated app section on its popular homepage in Japan.  On the webpage, visitors can read reviews  of Android apps and news from leading Android blogs.  The page also includes links to all apps from Android’s international store.

Even though Yahoo struggles  for relavence in North America and Europe, it is a huge hit in Asia.  Japan and Taiwan are two of its strongest markets.  The launch of the new Android pages  on Yahoo will surely help the operating system gain greater awareness

The Yahoo! Market is a very innovative concept and if it shown to be successful in Japan, Yahoo may want to consider reproducing a version like that here, especially with the growing popularity of Android powered tablets.  It may allow Android a fair chance of competing with heavyweight Apple.


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