Samsung To Start Selling Windows 8 Touch Screen Computer in 2012
By Edmond Durana

Samsung Electronics Co. plans to unveil a touch-screen computer using the latest Microsoft Windows 8 software sometime in 2012.  It will be a modified version of the Series 7 computer, which has both a touch screen and wireless keyboard, said Uhm Kyu Ho, head of sales and marketing at Samsung’s personal computer business.

The target audience for with the Series 7 are business users, said Nam Seong Woo, head of the PC business at a briefing in Seoul today.  The computer will use Windows 7 and will run applications for personal computers and will inevitably appeal to consumers that need to produce documents and spreadsheets and want to do so on devices as portable as the iPad or Android powered tablets, Woo said at the briefing.

Microsoft unveiled its newest version of its Windows operating system with a device made by Samsung on September 13.  This program allows ultra-thin laptops and tablets to turn on instantly and run all day on a single charge.  This will be Microsoft’s attempt to have a competitive product in a fast growing market which is currently controlled by Apple and Google’s Android software.


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