Make Video Calls From Your Windows Phone with Tango
By Christopher Weaver

Windows Phone users have long been without video chat capabilities, however, today that has changed thanks to Tango. This service will allow users running Windows Phone 7.5 to make free video calls over wi-fi, 3G, and 4G to anyone running the Tango app. This isn’t some sort of closed environment and is available for PC, Android, and iOS as well, allowing almost anyone on a current device to partake in the video chatting goodness cross platform style.

One nice bonus here is the ability to make international calls for free to those users who are also using Tango. This app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace here. Tango may be the only video chat solution for WP users for now, but keep in mind that since Microsoft owns Skype we should definitely be seeing a Skype app coming soon. Check out the video below to learn more about Tango.


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